Sustainable Development Policy


This policy sets out the broad aims of the Gateside Community Association in relation to sustainable development and with regard to the following objectives:

To promote social welfare in the village of Gateside and surrounding area

To improve conditions of life for those living in the area

To enable local residents to be informed and consulted about local services and events

To manage and maintain Gateside Memorial Hall

To promote a wide range of activities to increase use of the Hall by community groups and individuals

Policy Statement

Gateside Community Association identifies sustainable development as development "meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

The Association strives to further the above strategic objectives in line with the following principles of sustainable development:

Social progress which recognises the needs of everyone and promotes social inclusion

Effective protection of the environment

Prudent use of natural resources

Promotion and maintenance of stable levels of economic growth and employment


Gateside Community Association will be mindful of the above principles in all its activities.  The Association will produce an action plan with regard to sustainable development, which will be subject to regular monitoring and review.

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