Equal Opportunities Policy


The Association is committed both to the avoidance of unlawful discrimination and to the positive promotion of dignity, equality and diversity.  The Association will aim for fair and equal opportunity in all areas of employment and service provision and take positive steps to eliminate unfair discrimination.

Policy Statement

No employee or member of the Association, user of the Memorial Hall or participant in any event organised by the Association shall experience more or less favourable treatment on the grounds of ability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, family responsibility, age, race, ethnic origin, nationality, trade union membership or activity, political or religious beliefs.

Implementation of Policy

Communication: all members will be provided with the policy

The policy will be made available to all user groups of Gateside Memorial Hall

The Association Chair has overall responsibility for ensuring the consistent application of the policy

All members are responsible, within limits of the Constitution, for ensuring that the policy is adhered to

All members must ensure that their conduct is in accordance with the policy.  Failure to comply with this may mean that membership is revoked

The Association Committee will nominate one member to act as Equal Opportunities advisor

Any member or participant who feels that the Association is failing in its responsibilities in respect to Equal Opportunities will be encouraged to contact the Chair or, in the event of this proving unsatisfactory, the relevant officer within Fife Council.  Formal complaints should be in writing

Existing policies and procedures will be reviewed and new policies developed to support implementation of the Equal Opportunities Policy

The implications of the Equal Opportunities Policy will be addressed through appropriate training and development activities

Action Planning, Monitoring and Review

An action plan will be developed to assist the implementation of the Equal Opportunities Policy.  The implementation of the Policy will be monitored and reviewed regularly to determine and improve its effectiveness in developing an environment where equal opportunities are promoted by all members.

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