Child Protection Policy

Protection of Children and Young People

1. Gateside Community Association requires all individuals and organisations seeking hire of the hall to sign a declaration stating whether the activity will result in any person being in a 'Child Care Position' as defined by the Protection of Children (Scotland) Act 2003.  A 'Child Care Position' is "A position whose normal duties include caring for, training, supervising, or being in sole charge of children."  It is the duty of the prospective hirer to be familiar with the provisions of the legislation and to be clear regarding what is an what is not a 'Child Care Position.'

No hire agreement will be made until such a declaration is given.

2. If, following a declaration that the hire will not involve anyone being in a 'Child Care Position', the Community Association receives information that the declaration may be false, or that persons in a child care position have not been properly checked, the Community Association shall suspend the hire agreement forthwith, pending the outcome of further enquiries.  The Hirer will be advised of this in writing or by telephone if necessary.

Should enquiries suggest that the hire did involve a person being in a child care position and the hirer is unable to provide evidence that the appropriate checks have been carried out, then termination of the hire will be confirmed.

The Community Association reserves the right to inform the local authority and/or the police under such circumstances.

3. When a prospective hirer declares that the activity will involve people being in a child care position, the Community Association, or its designated officer, will require:-

a) to see evidence that all persons in a child care position have been properly checked and are not barred from working with children

b) to receive an assurance that, should additional people become involved in a child care position, the organisation will ensure that such persons are properly checked before undertaking work in that child care position.

4. The evidence referred to in 3 a) above is 

a) Sight of Disclosure Certificate(s)

b) an original letter (not a photocopy) on headed paper, signed by a senior official of the organisation, declaring that appropriate checks have been carried out on the named individuals who will be in 'child care positions' in Gateside Memorial Hall.

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