Theft of Quad Bikes

Fraser Laird reports:

"I have just received a report of the theft of two quad bikes from a farm near to Leuchars, I do not have full details but the following is what I know.

Between 1700 hours on the 2nd January and 1100 hours on the 3rd January the padlock on a shed which contained the two quad bikes was cut allowing access to the shed. The quad bikes were described as follows;

  • Yamaha Big Bear 350 Blue in colour
  • Honda Foreman 400 Red in colour, this bike has a broken left brake handle

One of the bikes was recovered a short distance away by the owner but I do not know which bike it was at this time.

As we have now had three quad bikes stolen already this year it is apparent that, once again, thieves are active and targeting quads in rural locations. Please be vigilant around your property and take steps to protect your equipment. There are several inexpensive devices on the market today which could deter or at least make it difficult for would be thieves to take your property. The more devices that are fitted the longer it takes for them to get to the property and the more chance there is of them being caught or put off carrying out the theft.

The use of simple padlock alarms, good quality chains, alarms, CCTV, trackers, infra red detector beams and Selecta DNA property marking can all help to make your property less attractive and less likely to be a target.

If you would like any advice on these products or would like a free security survey carried out on your property please contact me directly on the telephone number below.

Regards, Fraser

Fraser Laird

Community Safety Officer
Violence and Alcohol Reduction Unit - Prevention
Police Scotland

Brunton House
320 High Street

Telephone 01383 318745

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